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I have worked with many people in the marketing world and none of them match up to the experience of working with Katherine. She is a creative, dynamic, flexible and just a terrific person to work with. She has provided tremendous value to my company and our mutual clients...READ MORE >>

In today's market, there are hundreds of companies competing for business in niche markets. In order to win business over your competitors, you need to demonstrate to your target market that your product or service is the best solution for their needs. How do you achieve this?  By creating a clear, strong definition of your brand and ensuring that it is reflected in every message, communication, and visual describing your company.

Smart Fish Marketing small business brand experts offer a complete package when it comes to small business branding and identity. Our menu of services includes:

  • Assisting you in identifying and characterizing your brand

  • Reviewing your training and management practices to ensure they align with your brand promise

  • Assessing and implementing small business marketing strategies that work for your brand position

  • Planning and strategic development of your marketing

  • Creative services designed to bring your brand to life

  • Training and presentations to your team to share messaging objectives and reinforce their role in representing your core brand

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