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Tricky economic times have meant that small businesses and entrepreneurs across all industries have cut their expensive, full-time marketing staff.  Yet, those businesses that continue to market smartly and efficiently through downturns are usually those that survive the strongest and recover the fastest.  Instead of taking on the all-important marketing function yourself, or entrusting it to an untrained employee, call Smart Fish Marketing.  Our small business marketing team will organize your marketing program, offer creative solutions for traditional and digital marketing, and manage implementation of the program – driving sales and improving your ROI.  All for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.


As your Virtual Marketing Director, Smart Fish Marketing will delve into your business and branding, the challenges you face, and the opportunities available.  Very quickly, you’ll come to look at us not as a small business marketing consultant, but as an outsourced member of your own team.

  • We'll hold an introductory meeting where we'll introduce the main members of your Smart Fish Marketing team, meet the key players in your organization, and review your current situation, goals, and challenges.  

  • Your Smart Fish Marketing team will review your current messaging and marketing tools and develop a marketing plan that outlines the methods and tools we'll use to reach your ideal customers and achieve your goals within your budget.

  • Our creative team will help bring your brand and plan to life through the development of striking materials unique to your brand and designed to help your message truly stand out from your competition.

  • Together, your team and ours will measure and track the results of campaigns and programs.  All parties will meet regularly to review progress and Smart Fish Marketing’s small business marketing experts will recommend shifts (if needed) along the way to realign efforts.

I have worked with many people in the marketing world and none of them match up to the experience of working with Katherine. She is a creative, dynamic, flexible and just a terrific person to work with. She has provided tremendous value to my company and our mutual clients...READ MORE >>

Our Clients Define Us

As your Virtual Marketing Director, Smart Fish Marketing:

  • Provides expertise in marketing strategy and implementation

  • Introduces new, creative, and affordable ways to reach your target market

  • Crafts a clear, distinct brand message and look to set you apart from your competition
  • Gain a new, impartial, independent perspective of your business
  • Minimizes the impact of staff reductions
  • Reduces overhead by offering an affordable, cost-effective alternative to full-time staff
  • Meets a specific list of monthly deliverables 
  • Works with your team to achieve your goals
  • Alleviates stress on you, the small business owner, by allowing you to focus on your core business and leave the marketing to us


Salary Comparison - Full-Time vs Virtual Marketing Director

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​*By the way, the average salary of a receptionist in the US is $24,000.